CBS Peer Support

What is peer support? Peer Support, as it is used in the mental health system, is when two or more people with similar experiences get together to share their experiences and to support each other as they do the things they want to do and make their lives the way they want them to be. 

It really does take a village! for more information on what peer support means and how to become a peer support specialist reach out to your therapist and visit this page for updates.

For more information on peer support here are some handy websites:

DHS Mental Health in PA

Pennsylvania Peer Support Coaliton

Healthy Minds Philly

Upcoming Peer Events

Story Telling Training
by Healthymindsphilly
Learn how to share your story and how to best communicate what you feel.

This class is also a required prerequisite for applicants who want to pursue goals of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist and those who wish to share their story at CBS family night events.

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Events for March 2024 – Healthy Minds Philly®

Upcoming training 3/16/2024 and 3/20/2024.